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TheoUfoSophia: which gives a global description or current of thought that embraces the absolute argument that reveals the truth to come to an awareness of their own if that also indicates a path to their own consciousness or awakening taking it. What is this truth if not the mystery of his own individuality, unknowable himself, and of his own spiritual nature as well as mental. the TheoUfoSophia deals with the genesis of the Absolute Consciousness compared to human walking hand in hand though on two different tracks where one is the speculation of others. It addresses the topic of Absolute Consciousness extracted from your unconscious or Nothing if called darkness, or non-Being, the Primordial Substance of the primeval waters fantastic universal.


Through this manifestation, consciousness will be revealed to all as a whole, and in the very act of the event it will taste the bitter taste of duality, where everything needs to be such that its opposite or to prove its reality. And 'consciousness that is revealed in creation through beings, through the souls that have contributed to the creation laboriously through the creators, demiurges and creators who continue the game in the existential and experimental study of consciousness itself, will lead to the creation of a breakup, a eternal struggle for the life of all beings, an eternal deception that has come down to the present day through the work of alien (the last of this game), of which the souls of our adducts a little at a time they began to tell.


The TheoUfosophia is a culmination of many esoteric treasure of human knowledge, including right through the revelation of the abductees managed to form an agenda to know that organized, thorough, neat and compared to knowledge of the esoteric tradition has succeeded by putting together all the pieces of 'arcane, to reconcile the truth of adducts with those old traditional religious occult, gnostic, mystical and occult, obtaining a general framework that exposes every form of deception that goes from the origin of the times to date by whom abusing his power, and the limited ability of the human psychic faculties atrophied over time that was, makes every act of crime against our nature to be forcing our freedom, our freedom of conscience in one way or imprisonment not to be, and our consciousness blanket by blinders that cause us to absolute blindness.